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In this inaugural episode of the Higher Ed Pulse, co-hosts Mallory Willsea and Seth Odell cover two newsworthy topics from the past week of higher education marketing and enrollment management. 

First up, is the traditional college experience over? The hosts discuss how the Kansas Board of Regents allocated $16.5 million so Kansas universities could demolish old buildings to avoid $80 million in repairs. A recent article from Jeff Selingo hones in on the current trend: academic innovation, applying technology in teaching and credentialing and aligning with evolving student preferences and technological advancements.

Then the hosts turn to a viral LinkedIn post from Jaime Hunt. Jaime's reflections offer a thought-provoking perspective on higher education marketing, urging professionals to look beyond conventional metrics and focus on the deeper impact of their work. 


The future of higher education is changing, with a shift towards tech-first education and a focus on micro-credentialing.

The criteria for selecting an institution is evolving, with younger generations having different priorities compared to previous generations.

Implementing high-tech solutions in higher education can widen the gap between institutions that can afford them and those that can't.

Higher ed marketers should focus on impact, transformation, and storytelling to make a positive difference in students' lives.

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Seth Odell

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About the Podcast

Seth Odell


Seth Odell

Widely considered one of the industry's leading enrollment marketing experts, Seth brings over 15 years of education marketing experience at some of our sector's top organizations, including Southern New Hampshire University, UCLA, National University System, and more. Today, he is Founder and CEO of Kanahoma, the fastest growing digital marketing agency in higher education.

Mallory Willsea


Mallory Willsea

Mallory Willsea serves as VP of Marketing at Element451 — the next generation AI student engagement platform helping institutions create meaningful, personalized, and engaging interactions with students. Her insights on best practices and new trends are informed by her sector research and more than 15 years of experience. Mallory has held executive leadership roles in ed tech and at agencies spanning customer success, marketing, and business development. Her superpower is building media brands to reach, educate, and inspire forward-thinking higher education leaders.

Mike McGetrick


Mike McGetrick

Mike McGetrick is a marketing communications professional and educator with more than 30 years of experience in the higher education marketing field. Mike leverages cross-disciplinary experience to solve a wide array of challenges for his clients at Spark451. He leads the creative and digital services groups and is the graduate marketing practice lead. In the course of his career as a marketing agency executive, Mike has worked at numerous New York-based agencies and in the Creative Studio at Disney Television. Mike is also an adjunct professor at NYU, where he teaches digital marketing. Mike has been a host faculty member for the NAGAP executive professional development workshops on interactive marketing. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Studio Art from Brooklyn College and an MSM and MBA from New York University.

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