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About the Episode

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About the Episode: 

Mallory and Seth dive into a new Dentsu Consumer Navigator study on the American Mindset. They explore the potential impact of economic uncertainty on higher education enrollment and the rise of alternative credentials. The conversation then shifts to the Pennsylvania governor’s proposed tuition reduction plan, its implications for different types of institutions, and the need for equitable implementation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Consumer confidence in the economy is declining, despite the stock market performing well.

  • Historically, higher education enrollment increases during economic downturns, but this time may be different due to decreased confidence in the value of a college degree.

  • Marketers should focus on increasing scholarship opportunities and positioning on value rather than price.

  • Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro recently unveiled a tuition reduction plan for low- and middle-income students. But is the plan fair and will it undercut the cost-saving value prop for the state’s community colleges?

Dentsu Reports:

Pennsylvania Higher Ed System Restructuring Plan:

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About the Podcast

Seth Odell


Seth Odell

Widely considered one of the industry's leading enrollment marketing experts, Seth brings over 15 years of education marketing experience at some of our sector's top organizations, including Southern New Hampshire University, UCLA, National University System, and more. Today, he is Founder and CEO of Kanahoma, the fastest growing digital marketing agency in higher education.

Mallory Willsea


Mallory Willsea

Mallory Willsea serves as VP of Marketing at Element451 — the next generation AI student engagement platform helping institutions create meaningful, personalized, and engaging interactions with students. Her insights on best practices and new trends are informed by her sector research and more than 15 years of experience. Mallory has held executive leadership roles in ed tech and at agencies spanning customer success, marketing, and business development. Her superpower is building media brands to reach, educate, and inspire forward-thinking higher education leaders.

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