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About the Episode: Mallory and Seth dive deep into the world of Hollywood's advertising strategies and Disney's unique approach to storytelling. With insider insights from HBO MAX and Disney's latest campaigns, they explore how contextually relevant and emotionally charged content can dramatically enhance audience engagement. Listen in for actionable tips on how to apply these big-budget strategies to higher education marketing, making your campaigns more memorable and impactful.

Key Takeaways:

  • Contextual Relevance in Advertising: Insights from HBO MAX on the effectiveness of short, upfront ads to improve the viewing experience without interruption. And the importance of making ads contextually relevant and the positive impact on brand awareness and website traffic.
  • Disney's "This is Magic" Campaign: A shift in marketing strategy focusing on real, emotive moments captured at Disney parks, moving away from fast-paced excitement to genuine, heartwarming storytelling. The power of using real people and authentic experiences to connect deeply with the audience, and how this approach can be adapted for higher education marketing.
  • The Role of Emotion in Marketing: Emphasizing the impact of making viewers feel something significant, drawing on the Maya Angelou quote about people remembering how you made them feel. And strategies for capturing and sharing micro-moments that resonate on an emotional level, whether through high-quality production or simple smartphone videos.

Disney’s “This Is Magic” Campaign 

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Mallory Willsea 

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About the Podcast

Seth Odell


Seth Odell

Widely considered one of the industry's leading enrollment marketing experts, Seth brings over 15 years of education marketing experience at some of our sector's top organizations, including Southern New Hampshire University, UCLA, National University System, and more. Today, he is Founder and CEO of Kanahoma, the fastest growing digital marketing agency in higher education.

Mallory Willsea


Mallory Willsea

Mallory Willsea serves as VP of Marketing at Element451 — the next generation AI student engagement platform helping institutions create meaningful, personalized, and engaging interactions with students. Her insights on best practices and new trends are informed by her sector research and more than 15 years of experience. Mallory has held executive leadership roles in ed tech and at agencies spanning customer success, marketing, and business development. Her superpower is building media brands to reach, educate, and inspire forward-thinking higher education leaders.

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