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About the episode: 

Television shows and movies have a tendency to make faculty life look glamorous. Ask any faculty member, however, and they will fill you in on the challenges of juggling teaching, research, publishing, grant writing, pursuing tenure, etc. Let’s not even talk about those who become department chairs with no people management experience or training. Many feel valued as some of the most important fixtures in higher education but others don’t feel quite so supported. Former tenured professor and current academic leadership coach Jennifer Askey joined “I Wanna Work There!” to fill us in on the life of faculty.

What can you take away from episode 23?

  1. We will get an idea of what a sense of fulfillment and success look like for faculty.
  2. Jennifer will educate us on what faculty want from their employers.
  3. We will learn about a free virtual event to help faculty reach their untapped potential while helping them advocate for employee satisfaction on their respective campuses.

About the Show: I Wanna Work There! takes a look at how colleges and universities can develop competitive, compelling employer brands. Join us for an honest and solutions-based look at the issues that surround institutions positioning themselves as employers of choice.

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About the Podcast

Eddie Francis


Eddie Francis

Eddie Francis, a brand strategy consultant, award-winning broadcaster, podcaster, and speaker, is driven by the deep belief in the importance of being valued. As the founder of Edify Ventures, a consultancy focusing on personal and employer branding, Eddie hosts "I Wanna Work There!" on employer branding in higher education and "For Our Edification" on personal leadership. With a background in radio, including hosting the "HBCU Lifestyle Podcast," Eddie's contributions extend to various platforms, earning him recognition as one of New Orleans Magazine's "30 People to Watch." In higher education, he played pivotal roles in brand identity, communications, and enrollment growth. As a speaker, Eddie shares leadership insights with college students and has contributed to the book "Leadership to Letters." Eddie holds a Master of Professional Studies in strategic leadership and a Bachelor of Arts in mass communication. Proudly affiliated with Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., he is the husband of Dr. Halima Leak Francis and the father of Stevie.

Jennifer Askey


Jennifer Askey

Jennifer Askey, Ph.D. is an individual and group academic coach with over 25 years of experience in higher education in the U.S. and Canada. After relocating from the United States to Canada, she transitioned out of humanities teaching and research into coaching and leadership development for higher education professionals. Jennifer’s mission is to help leaders and groups in colleges and universities achieve clarity around the impact they want to have and develop the habits they need to develop to reach their goals. Jennifer enjoys leveraging assessments (e.g., DISC, Emotional Intelligence, Belbin Team Roles, Resilience @ Work etc.) for individual and team clients to boost their self-awareness around key workplace behaviors and motivators. Her work with clients is grounded in the client’s values system and their self-awareness. A core of Jennifer’s coaching philosophy is to help clients establish patterns of noticing and recognition around self-sabotaging behaviors and to choose more resonant and empowering options. Mindfulness and emotional intelligence form the foundation for much of her coaching work, as does an intersectional feminist lens on work-life issues. Jennifer holds a Ph.D. in Germanic languages and literatures from Washington University in St. Louis, she was associate professor of German at Kansas State University, and has taught literature in German and English at universities in the U.S. and Canada. Jennifer continues to develop her own repertoire of skills and reads and speaks widely on emotional intelligence, faculty resilience, and mindfulness. She is a Certified Positive Intelligence Coach and a Certified Professional Co-active Coach, both frameworks that help clients work with their strengths and their values to create the career they deserve.

I Wanna Work There

A great employee experience equals a great student experience. In a time where employee recruitment and retention is more challenging than ever, I Wanna Work There! takes a look at how colleges and universities can develop competitive, compelling employer brands. Join us for an honest and solutions-based look at the issues that surround institutions positioning themselves as employers of choice.

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