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On Episode 13 of the In Your Element podcast, Marcus R. Langford, Dean of Students at the University of Oregon, sits down with hosts Erin Newton and Ardis Kadiu to chat about the biggest challenges facing student engagement in higher education as we enter year 3 of the pandemic. Together they tackle important topics such as:

  • How the pandemic has altered student engagement forever.
  • How to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion when there’s so much polarization in the world.
  • Keeping students engaged when attention is at a premium.
  • The one key piece of technology that’s at the top of the wishlist for Student Affairs professionals.

About the Podcast

Marcus Langford


Marcus Langford

Marcus Langford serves as the Dean of Students at the University of Oregon. In this role, Marcus provides oversight and leadership for the Office of the Dean of Students (DoS). The programs and units of DoS strive to support an inclusive student journey that facilitates self-authorship by promoting resiliency rooted in care fostering connections with the campus and surrounding community and provide high-impact practices. The myriad of programs units that constitute DoS are represented by the primary functional areas of Leadership and Engagement, Prevention and Crisis Response/Intervention, and Student Conduct & Community Standards. In his role as Dean, Marcus is fortunate to work with and support a number of staff as they work to create opportunities for connection and meaningful engagement experiences for students across campus, in hopes that they will be compelled to become productive citizens of the world. Two of the things he enjoys most about working in higher education is the opportunity to support and mentor staff, and work with and students who are on the journey to discovering and ultimately become their best selves. Marcus joined the Office of the Dean of Students in 2017. Prior to coming to the UO, over the span of 18 years in higher education he has served in a number of roles with experiences in a variety of areas including academic intervention, advising, campus programming, leadership development, multicultural affairs, orientation/new student programs, student involvement/organizations, and veteran student affairs at five institutions of higher education.

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