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About the Episode

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On this episode, Jeremy is joined by Olivia White, Senior Assistant Director of Marketing & Content Strategy for St. Lawrence University. Olivia shares valuable insights and strategies to help higher education marketers understand the value of utilizing current students in their marketing, messaging, and social media campaigns. She also shares some pros and cons of working remotely. Key takeaways include:

10:30 - The process of building and growing a student marketing team 

19:02 - Challenges when it comes to managing current students

22:00 - The content that prospective students can’t get enough of

29:04 - Conversations with senior leadership about student generated content 


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About the Podcast

Jeremy Tiers


Jeremy Tiers

Over the past 10 years Jeremy Tiers has helped thousands of higher ed admissions and enrollment marketing professionals improve their communication, personal and organizational performance, and develop into effective leaders regardless of their title. As the Senior Director of Admissions Services for Tudor Collegiate Strategies (TCS), Jeremy leads a division that helps colleges and universities connect, engage, build personal relationships, and communicate value to prospective students, and their parents, throughout the college search. Jeremy is an experienced speaker who leads dozens of training workshops each year and has keynoted numerous ACAC Conferences. He has also spoken multiple times at the NACAC National Conference, has been a presenter at well-known marketing conferences like eduWeb Digital Summit, the AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education, and HighEdWeb, and is the editor of a well-known, weekly college admissions and marketing email newsletter/blog.

Olivia White


Olivia White

Olivia serves as the Senior Assistant of Marketing and Content Strategy at St. Lawrence University. She joined the University Communications in April of 2020, bringing experience from across the marketing and communications landscape, including public affairs, journalism, and advertising. In her current role she also co-manages the University’s Student Marketing Team, and at the HighEdWed conference in 2022, Olivia co-presented Earth to Gen Zers: Building a Student Integrated Marketing Team that Speaks Their Language, which aims to help fellow higher education marketers build and manage a student team of their own. Outside of work, Olivia loves reading, volunteering with her local community fridge, running, learning about wine, and exploring the city of Buffalo with her small rescue pup, Sushi.

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