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Join Allison Turcio in her debut episode as host of The Application! 

In this episode, Allison is joined by Raffi DerSimonian, VP & Chief Strategy Officer at ERI. The pair explore the unique balance of leveraging AI technology like ChatGPT while still maintaining a personal, human approach to higher education marketing. They discuss the benefits of using ChatGPT for tasks such as data analysis and content creation, and show how, when used correctly, it can enhance, not detract from, the authenticity and personal touch that is so important in higher ed marketing. With its ability to streamline processes and free up time and resources, ChatGPT is a valuable tool for higher ed marketers looking to strike the right balance between technology and human connection. 


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About the Podcast

Allison Turcio


Allison Turcio

Allison Turcio, Ed.D., is Assistant Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing at Siena College, a marketing professor, freelance marketing consultant, host of The Application Podcast, and publisher of the Higher Education Marketer's Digest. She is known for her innovative and student-centered approach to college-wide marketing, market research, and enrollment communications efforts. The Siena team and their partners have won numerous awards, including a Best in Show Educational Advertising Award and AMA's inaugural Emerging Marketer in Higher Education Award She is a frequent presenter at industry conferences, including American Marketing Association’s Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education, eduWeb and others. She serves on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Education Advancement & Marketing. Allison was selected for the Albany Business Review 40 Under 40 and Siena College’s Excellence in Administration award in 2020. She holds a doctorate degree in higher education leadership from Northeastern University, a master’s in communications and bachelor’s in English.

Raffi DerSimonian


Raffi DerSimonian

Raffi is Principal of DerSimonian and Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer for ERI, a marketing strategy firm that specializes in digital design and development. As a marketing and communications expert who guides organizations through the process of increasing engagement, response, and impact, he has extensive experience in leadership roles at various academic and cultural institutions. He excels at conducting immersive research, identifying key themes through stakeholder dialogue, and aligning goals and strategy. Over the past 20 years, Raffi has developed his signature ‘RDS Method’, a comprehensive process to inform research, discovery and strategy. Raffi has successfully led a range of creative and technical initiatives for many institutions including Lafayette, Muhlenberg, Harvard Business School, Trinity College, Maine College of Art & Design, Tufts University, Worcester State University, and others. When he's not busy at work, Raffi enjoys spending time with his one and a half year old daughter Tsoline (soul-een) and wife Caitlin, exploring the great outdoors, and being immersed in Portland's vibrant cultural arts scene. He is also a recording artist with three original albums to his name: Movin’ On (‘99), Mind the Gap (‘04), Leap (‘19).

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