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About the Episode

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In this episode, University of Montana’s CMO, Jenny Petty, talks all about a her vision for a new brand experience position, personalization efforts in recruitment content, and looking at the future of student experiences.

About the Podcast

Corynn Myers


Corynn Myers

Corynn is the Director of Brand Strategy at Simpson Scarborough where she provides strategic oversight on the development of higher education brand platforms, messaging architecture, and content strategies.   Previously, Corynn created multi-channel content strategies for national brands at Convince and Convert and oversaw digital strategy at the University of Michigan as the Associate Director of Marketing. When she’s not working, Corynn enjoys browsing Antique shops with her husband, coaching her daughter’s softball team, and building Magnatile masterpieces with her son.

Jenny Petty


Jenny Petty

There is a reason everyone in Higher Ed loves Jenny Petty. She is fabulously smart and unapologetically empathetic. Her depth of experience and expertise in marketing and higher education is obvious to anyone who has the opportunity to chat with her. Jenny’s need to serve her team, her peers, and students is refreshing and something we should all strive toward. Jenny officially has an open invitation to come talk Higher Ed marketing, communications and student experience any time on the Application.

The Application with Corynn Myers

I'm doing a podcast, but not like the typical fluffy marketing podcast (I really don't like fluff). This podcast has a 3-part recipe. Ingredient #1: The Doers. These are the social directors, marketing managers, and communications specialist on the ground doing the work, and I'm going to convince them to tell me all of their secrets. Ingredient #2: Consumer Data. We'll look at consumer behavior and marketing best practice outside of higher ed and apply them back to higher ed. Ingredient #3: Actionable Takeaways. We're going to mix together higher ed secrets, marketing best practices, and consumer data to create action items you can do and use today. This podcast is for doers in higher ed marketing communications and is a a part of The Enrollify Podcast Network.

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