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If your brand was an experience, what would it be? That’s a question Kevin and his team get to answer every day. Ohio State is setting their sights on the student experience by centralizing efforts and creating affinity-building brand experiences. It’s not easy, measuring is hard, and it requires significant partnership across campus, but as Kevin describes, the rewards are worth it.

About the Podcast

Corynn Myers


Corynn Myers

Corynn is the Director of Brand Strategy at Simpson Scarborough where she provides strategic oversight on the development of higher education brand platforms, messaging architecture, and content strategies.   Previously, Corynn created multi-channel content strategies for national brands at Convince and Convert and oversaw digital strategy at the University of Michigan as the Associate Director of Marketing. When she’s not working, Corynn enjoys browsing Antique shops with her husband, coaching her daughter’s softball team, and building Magnatile masterpieces with her son.

Kevin Saghy


Kevin Saghy

Kevin is the Head of Audience Engagement at The Ohio State University where he is responsible for driving creative engagements during important moments for Ohio State’s various audiences. This new role is charged with collaborating across the enterprise, as well as with other partners and brands, to make the Ohio State brand tangible for audiences through affinity-building experiences. Kevin and his team are leading new ways to shape the student experience that translate into authentic marketing and communications for the university, which is both surprising and refreshing. I am excited to see what the next five years brings to Kevin’s position and team as student experiences begin to drive student decisions.

The Application with Corynn Myers

I'm doing a podcast, but not like the typical fluffy marketing podcast (I really don't like fluff). This podcast has a 3-part recipe. Ingredient #1: The Doers. These are the social directors, marketing managers, and communications specialist on the ground doing the work, and I'm going to convince them to tell me all of their secrets. Ingredient #2: Consumer Data. We'll look at consumer behavior and marketing best practice outside of higher ed and apply them back to higher ed. Ingredient #3: Actionable Takeaways. We're going to mix together higher ed secrets, marketing best practices, and consumer data to create action items you can do and use today. This podcast is for doers in higher ed marketing communications and is a a part of The Enrollify Podcast Network.

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