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Like many in higher education, Becca wears multiple hats but my favorite part of our episode is all about the multidimensional health and wellness support her office provides students. Becca talks about the data and individuals that came together to make student experiences better through robust mental health and wellness resources and services. One focus was on the financial wellness of students and addressing everything from living and transportation to childcare and food security.

  • We’ve got to address the whole student. From financial to spiritual, student health and wellness impacts every part of the student experience.
  • A new generation is forcing staff and faculty to question everything they’re doing, even down to the terms they use
  • Multigenerational impact helps older students be more open about mental health and younger students are learning critical thinking skills

The Application is brought to you by RahRah- a Community Engagement system that provides a simple solution to give your students the inclusive and supportive experience they need to thrive. Rah Rah integrates your entire campus so students can enjoy a single, centralized, mobile experience that will help them create stronger connections between their work inside and outside of the classroom.

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About the Podcast

Corynn Myers


Corynn Myers

Corynn is the Director of Brand Strategy at Simpson Scarborough where she provides strategic oversight on the development of higher education brand platforms, messaging architecture, and content strategies.   Previously, Corynn created multi-channel content strategies for national brands at Convince and Convert and oversaw digital strategy at the University of Michigan as the Associate Director of Marketing. When she’s not working, Corynn enjoys browsing Antique shops with her husband, coaching her daughter’s softball team, and building Magnatile masterpieces with her son.

Becca Salay


Becca Salay

Becca Salay is currently Director for Undergraduate Student Services in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College overseeing undergraduate academic advising and student success initiatives. Previously she served as Associate Director and Manager of Retention and Engagement in MLFTC, Coordinator Sr. of First Year Programs in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, and Student Life Coordinator at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Becca also has experience supporting liberal arts majors, honors students, and community college students at several schools in Ohio. She has a BA in Communication from THE Ohio State University and an MA in College Student Personnel from Bowling Green State University. 

The Application with Corynn Myers

I'm doing a podcast, but not like the typical fluffy marketing podcast (I really don't like fluff). This podcast has a 3-part recipe. Ingredient #1: The Doers. These are the social directors, marketing managers, and communications specialist on the ground doing the work, and I'm going to convince them to tell me all of their secrets. Ingredient #2: Consumer Data. We'll look at consumer behavior and marketing best practice outside of higher ed and apply them back to higher ed. Ingredient #3: Actionable Takeaways. We're going to mix together higher ed secrets, marketing best practices, and consumer data to create action items you can do and use today. This podcast is for doers in higher ed marketing communications and is a a part of The Enrollify Podcast Network.

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