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About the Episode

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Welcome to Episode 3 Collective Enrollment — a special four-part podcast series that explores the future of student marketing and recruitment brought to you by ZeeMee and Enrollify

In episode three of Collective Enrollment, you’ll meet Kevin Huang and Maggie Jordan.  Kevin and Maggie are recent high school grads who have graciously accepted the invitation to chat about their college search experience.  

In this episode you’ll hear what marketing strategies schools should and shouldn’t be using to attract and engage Gen Z and dive deep into the role community and relationships played in their decisions on where to go to college.  

You’ll also discover how and why ZeeMee was so influential in their decision on where to go to college. You can connect with Kevin on LinkedIn here and Maggie on LinkedIn here

About the Series: 

In this special 4-part series, you’ll get a crash course on what Collective Enrollment is, why it matters for both enrollment and marketing professionals, and how to adopt Collective Enrollment strategies into your enrollment marketing mix.

We’ll explore what a world without Facebook and the College Board might mean for new student acquisition, hear the founding story of ZeeMee, and learn from current high school students about how they want to and don’t want to be recruited by institutions.

This series is brought to you by ZeeMee. ZeeMee is the go-to social community for students headed to college. More than one million students use ZeeMee to connect and chat with other prospective students interested in the same colleges and universities.  And more than 150 schools use ZeeMee to establish and facilitate quality relationships with future students as early as their sophomore year in high school.  

To learn more about ZeeMee head on over to — and be sure to tell them that your friends at Enrollify sent you their way. 

About the Podcast

Zach Busekrus


Zach Busekrus

Zach is the Founder of Enrollify. He thoroughly enjoys building new brands, developing and executing content marketing strategies, and hosting podcasts. When he's not working on Enrollify, he enjoys discussing life's quandaries over coffee (or a good bourbon) with friends, building Sponstayneous (his travel brand side hustle), trying out new HIIT workouts, and adventuring across the globe with his wife!

Kevin Huang


Kevin Huang

Kevin Huang is a freshman currently at Purdue University studying Pre-Communication and looking to eventually major in Media and Mass Communication. Kevin has been part of the ZeeMee Student Admin team for over a year. He enjoys designing and working with others through creativity. Kevin hopes to start his acting career soon and represent the Asian community as a future Asian American actor.

Maggie Jordan


Maggie Jordan

Maggie is an incoming Business Administration major at Florida Southern College after completing her high school diploma and Associate of Arts degree through the State College of Florida Collegiate School. When she’s not working on a new business plan or studying, Maggie enjoys graphic design, photography, and hanging out with her two llamas. 

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