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About the Episode

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In this engaging and enlightening episode, Zach (Founder of Enrollify) and Pat (Growth Manager at Enrollify) explore why higher education marketers should pay closer attention to the power of podcasts as a dynamic marketing and recruitment channel. With a touch of sophistication and a dash of wit, we dive into the various benefits that podcasting can offer to those in the higher ed industry.

Firstly, we uncover the remarkable potential of podcasts as a platform to showcase thought leadership. By appearing on niche shows, higher ed marketers can establish themselves as industry experts and create a lasting impression on their target audience. 

Unlike other ad campaigns and content channels, podcasts allow for long-form content, enabling nuanced discussions that captivate listeners and leave a lasting impact.

But podcasting doesn't stop at marketing—it is also a fantastic networking channel. Zach and Pat explore how higher ed professionals can leverage podcasts to grow their personal brand and expand their network. 

Finally, we uncover the art of being a great podcast guest. We discuss the qualities that make an interviewee stand out and provide listeners with valuable tips, tricks, and proactive ideas to impress their interviewers. After all, being a remarkable guest not only enhances personal reputation but also contributes to the overall success of the podcast episode.

So, whether you're a higher ed marketer looking to make your mark or an industry professional seeking to broaden your network, this episode serves up a delicious blend of insights and actionable strategies to help you embrace the power of podcasts. 

Tune in and join us on this captivating audio journey to uncover the untapped potential of podcasting in the world of higher education marketing. Remember, the only limit is your imagination... and your microphone!


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About the Podcast

Zach Busekrus


Zach Busekrus

Zach is the Founder of Enrollify. He thoroughly enjoys building new brands, developing and executing content marketing strategies, and hosting podcasts. When he's not working on Enrollify, he enjoys discussing life's quandaries over coffee (or a good bourbon) with friends, building Sponstayneous (his travel brand side hustle), trying out new HIIT workouts, and adventuring across the globe with his wife!

Pat Gomez


Pat Gomez

Pat Gomez is as a Growth Manager with Enrollify and DD Agency. At Enrollify, Gomez manages the Enrollify Podcast Network, which is host to over 10 higher ed enrollment marketing podcasts. At DD Agency, Gomez spends his time developing new partnership and crafting customized inbound marketing game plans for admissions and marketing teams at colleges and universities. Prior to his time at Enrollify and DD Agency, Gomez spent nearly a decade in college athletics and private fitness as a division 1 track and field coach and director of operations at the University of Virginia and his alma mater, the University of Oklahoma. Gomez embraces the remote work lifestyle, traveling full time in his self-converted 1999 Blue Bird school bus with his partner Brittany and two dogs, Boomer and Naya. When he’s not at the desk you can usually find Pat running up one of his favorite mountain trails, surfing the beaches of Baja or debating with his partner about who should win the latest season of The Voice.

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