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About the Episode

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On this week’s episode of The Enrollify Podcast, Zach sits down with Ray Martinez, the Head of SEO at Archer Education —  a tech-enabled marketing, enrollment, and retention services for higher ed company. 

Ray offers listeners a crash course on what SEO is, why it matters for higher ed marketing and student recruitment, and how schools — regardless of budget — can begin to rethink their content strategies to focus on building sustainable, earned acquisition channels and become less reliant on paid channels.  

Zach and Ray walk through three scenarios and offer their thoughts on how to effectively build and execute an appropriate strategy.

  • Scenario 1: An online business program that has $250,000 to spend on increasing their visibility and rank around program specific keywords to increase quality lead gen in 12 months.  How do you advise them to build their SEO program?

  • Scenario 2: A small liberal arts college that has $50,000 to spend on increasing their visibility and rank around program specific keywords to increase quality lead gen in 12 months. 

  • Scenario 3: A large public school with a budget of $150,000  that wants to increase the visibility and rank of their 100 grad programs to increase quality lead gen in 12 months. 

This episode is brought to you by Squiz - a Student Experience Platform that offers a full suite of solutions developed exclusively for higher education. Squiz is the secret friction-reducer that schools across the globe are using to not just attract the next generations of students, but nurture them to the point of enrollment in a way that is conducive — not counter to — how they consume information and make purchasing decisions.

The Enrollify Podcast is brought to you by Enrollify.  Enrollify is where higher ed comes to learn new marketing skills, discover new software and services, network with the best minds and find their next gig. 

You can connect with Ray on Twitter, LinkedIn, or via Archer Education’s website.

About the Podcast

Zach Busekrus


Zach Busekrus

Zach is the Founder of Enrollify. He thoroughly enjoys building new brands, developing and executing content marketing strategies, and hosting podcasts. When he's not working on Enrollify, he enjoys discussing life's quandaries over coffee (or a good bourbon) with friends, building Sponstayneous (his travel brand side hustle), trying out new HIIT workouts, and adventuring across the globe with his wife!

Ray Martinez


Ray Martinez

Ray Martinez is the Director of SEO at Archer Education. Ray leads a team of senior-level analysts, specialists, and project managers to develop, execute, monitor, and report on SEO campaigns for some of the world's most prominent higher education institutions. He has over 9 years of experience working in search engine optimization across multiple higher education verticals. He has led many successful projects for clients such as California Western School of Law, Louisiana State University Online, Tulane University, University of San Diego, and other university partners. Ray was raised in Queens, NY by a family that valued hard work and determination. He graduated from The City College of New York with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Public Relations, as well as a Master of Science degree in Media Management from The New School. Ray is an avid traveler and composes music during his free time Ray strategizes and implements technical SEO best practices on a wide variety of sites. He has developed SEO strategies, created detailed backlink profiles, optimized on-page elements, project managed web development resources, and performed technical audits across multiple verticals. He also strategized and executed multichannel digital marketing campaigns with a focus on inbound leads. His varied projects and campaigns have increased engagement, revenue, qualified traffic, and lead generation. Ray excels at amplifying content, reaching audiences, and generating leads.

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