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Spending has been frozen. Yield is uncertain. Budget cuts appear to be on the horizon. And enrollment marketers need to prepare for a fall recruitment season like none other. 

Where should you start? How does one even begin to think about strategic enrollment marketing during a global pandemic? 

On the show this week, Zach sits down with Suzan Brinker, who previously served in marketing directorial roles at both Northeastern and Penn State (and is now an independent higher education marketing strategist), to discuss how to leverage faculty, maximize marketing ROI, and reduce friction in admissions in the era of COVID-19. 

Among other questions, Suzan answers:

  1. How should folks best leverage faculty in this moment? In a time where budgets are frozen (or fully spoken for) how can enrollment marketers better equip faculty members to be true advocates for their programs?
  2. You spent some time working in consulting before finding your way to higher ed and I'm curious to know what inspired you to really grow you career as a higher ed marketer rather than stay on the agency side of things?
  3. What's a sort of crawl, walk, run strategy you'd recommend higher ed marketers consider as they rethink their marketing and student recruitment tactics over the next 6-12 months? Are there particular "do's and don'ts" that you believe are crucial right now?
  4. You have $10,000 that you have to spend on a campaign over the next 30 days. How do you spend it and how will you measure the campaign's success?

About the Podcast

Zach Busekrus


Zach Busekrus

Zach is the Founder of Enrollify. He is also the Director of Growth at DD Agency — an enrollment marketing technology agency that helps undergraduate and graduate institutions recruit students. He thoroughly enjoys building new brands, developing and executing content marketing strategies, and helping clients rank better on SEO. When he's not in the office, he enjoys discussing life's quandaries over coffee (or a good bourbon) with friends, trying out new virtual HIIT workouts, and adventuring across the globe with his wife!

Suzan Brinker


Suzan Brinker

Suzan Brinker, Ph.D. has dedicated her career to helping higher education initiatives build strong value propositions and communicating them to the right audiences. Having served as Director of Marketing at both Penn State and Northeastern University, Suzan is excited to lead Viv Higher Education because it gives her the chance to build the agency partner she always wished she had. She also enjoys collaborative and individual consulting projects that help colleges and universities refine their positioning and program strategy to achieve differentiation in an increasingly competitive market. Suzan is a collaborative leader who understands how to navigate complex university environments. She has worked extensively with faculty, administrators, and senior leadership teams, and is proud of her track record of increasing conversions and enrollments for initiatives targeting a diverse set of audiences, including degree-seeking domestic and international students, online and adult learners, as well as broader university communities and employers.

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