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We’re pleased to welcome Andrew from Brainscape to the show this week to expand our horizons into how institutions can best support student study habits. Andrew explains the premise of spaced repetition and how this tactic can elevate comprehension for a wide variety of concepts and skills. 

About the Podcast

Dustin Ramsdell


Dustin Ramsdell

Dustin Ramsdell is a Higher EdTech content creator and influencer who aims to drive meaningful conversations with top leaders in the field. His show, The Higher Ed Geek Podcast, explores all the nuances of higher education, with a focus on innovative technology and practices from his fellow professionals. Dustin also currently works as the Community Engagement Lead at Pathify. He loves craft beer, good pizza, and sustainability. Dustin lives happily in Delaware with his wife, Jenn, their daughter, Ellie.

Andrew Cohen


Andrew Cohen

Andrew Cohen is the Founder & CEO of Brainscape. He created Brainscape to optimize the way people learn, using cognitive science. It is a web & mobile education platform that places spaced repetition at the center of the learning experience. They’ve helped millions of people improve test scores, learn languages faster, and accelerate their self-development in fields as diverse as learning guitar, becoming funnier, or defending against bullies.

The Higher Ed Geek

The Higher Ed Geek Podcast explores the impact of edtech on the student experience by speaking with diverse leaders from institutions, companies, and nonprofit organizations. Each week we aim to provide an engaging, fun, and relevant dose of professional development that honors the wide range of work happening all across the higher ed ecosystem. Come geek out with us! 

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