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Starter Stories

Starter Stories is a podcast that explores the stories behind the world’s leading education technology companies and education consultancies...and the people who created them. In each episode, you’ll hear about the grit, the strategies, the wins, the failures, and the serendipity that transpired to take a half-baked idea and bring it to life. 

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In Your Element

All things higher ed from application to graduation and beyond.

In Your Element host Eric Stoller from Element451 asks innovative leaders about the challenges, wins, and future of everything from meeting enrollment numbers to equity in education. His five-question format gets to the heart of what’s happening in each guest’s corner of higher education. The unifying theme: how do we all rally around students’ needs to help them succeed?

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Chat's What (S)he Said

Chat’s What (S)he Said is a special podcast series and collaborative conversation between Zach, Founder of Enrollify and Nicole Gates, Director of Marketing at Mongoose — a conversational software company that specializes in helping colleges and universities improve communication with students. Each month, tune in for fresh ideas for communication strategies and tactics that attract, engage, and delight Gen Z.

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A special series on the trends, indicators, and Gen Z behaviors shaping the future of higher ed digital advertising brought to you by Glacier and Enrollify.

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