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About the Episode

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Welcome to our newest Pulse Check series - Personalizing Prospective Student Journeys, hosted by Mallory Willsea

In Part 1 of this series, Helping Students Make Informed Choices, Dustin Ramsdell, Community Engagement Lead at Pathify, joins Mallory Willsea to discuss the complexities of the college selection process. They discuss the challenges posed by the overwhelming number of options and the noise in higher education marketing. Key insights revolve around the importance of creating a distinctive institutional brand and leveraging digital platforms to personalize the student experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • The overwhelming number of options and marketing noise in higher education makes it challenging for students to make informed choices.
  • Importance of a distinctive institutional brand to stand out and attract the right students.
  • The role of digital experience platforms in personalizing and streamlining the college selection process.
  • Behavioral economics and the emotional aspects of student decision-making.
  • Future-focused approach: preparing institutions for the evolving landscape of student recruitment.

This Pulse Check miniseries has been brought to you by Pathify. Gone are the days of clunky interfaces, disjointed systems, and massive (unhelpful) link farms. Centralize all your systems with Pathify so that students see the information that matters to them in a digital experience that actually makes sense. From prospective students through alumni, it’s about time the student experience started looking and acting like a consumer app from this century. Visit for more. 

About The Enrollify Podcast Network: The Higher Ed Pulse is a part of the Enrollify Podcast Network. If you like this podcast, chances are you’ll like other Enrollify shows too!  

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About the Podcast

Mallory Willsea


Mallory Willsea

Mallory Willsea serves as VP of Marketing at Element451 — the next generation AI student engagement platform helping institutions create meaningful, personalized, and engaging interactions with students. Her insights on best practices and new trends are informed by her sector research and more than 15 years of experience. Mallory has held executive leadership roles in ed tech and at agencies spanning customer success, marketing, and business development. Her superpower is building media brands to reach, educate, and inspire forward-thinking higher education leaders.

Dustin Ramsdell


Dustin Ramsdell

Dustin Ramsdell is a Higher EdTech content creator and influencer who aims to drive meaningful conversations with top leaders in the field. His show, The Higher Ed Geek Podcast, explores all the nuances of higher education, with a focus on innovative technology and practices from his fellow professionals. Dustin also currently works as the Community Engagement Lead at Pathify. He loves craft beer, good pizza, and sustainability. Dustin lives happily in Delaware with his wife, Jenn, their daughter, Ellie.

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