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About the Episode: This episode is a candid and much needed conversation about mental health with Ross Szabo, an award-winning speaker and the Wellness Director for students in grades 6-12 at Geffen Academy at UCLA. In addition to hearing about Ross’ own mental health disorder and trauma, you’ll also hear about:

5:20 - Being proactive, not reactive with your own mental health 

13:50 - The importance of having a sense of purpose

16:42 - Do’s and don’ts when approaching a colleague or a team member about mental health

27:48 - A big misconception about Gen Z and Gen Alpha 

32:30 - How to effectively approach the topic of fear with high school students

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Jeremy Tiers

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About the Podcast

Jeremy Tiers


Jeremy Tiers

Over the past 10 years Jeremy Tiers has helped thousands of higher ed admissions and enrollment marketing professionals improve their communication, personal and organizational performance, and develop into effective leaders regardless of their title. As the Senior Director of Admissions Services for Tudor Collegiate Strategies (TCS), Jeremy leads a division that helps colleges and universities connect, engage, build personal relationships, and communicate value to prospective students, and their parents, throughout the college search. Jeremy is an experienced speaker who leads dozens of training workshops each year and has keynoted numerous ACAC Conferences. He has also spoken multiple times at the NACAC National Conference, has been a presenter at well-known marketing conferences like eduWeb Digital Summit, the AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education, and HighEdWeb, and is the editor of a well-known, weekly college admissions and marketing email newsletter/blog.

Ross Szabo


Ross Szabo

Ross Szabo is an award-winning mental health speaker, author, and the Wellness Director at Geffen Academy at UCLA. Ross created a program at Geffen for students to learn about mental health once a week throughout their education from grades 6-12. Before coming to Geffen Academy, Ross was the Director of Outreach for the National Mental Health Awareness Campaign. The Campaign was the country’s first public health approach to mental health. Ross has spoken to more than 2 million people about the importance of mental health and authored two books; Behind Happy Faces; Taking Charge of Your Mental Health and A Kids Book About Anxiety.

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