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About the Episode

The what's what...

Managing social communities requires marketing savvy, diplomacy, excellent judgment, and a finger on the pulse of your audience.  In this episode, Jaime brings on Jenny Li Fowler, author of “Organic Social Media: How to Build Flourishing Online Communities” to discuss the key fundamentals for building an engaging and welcoming digital space for your university’s biggest fans. 

Takeaways for this episode include:

  • What it means to cultivate a “flourishing online community” 
  • Insight into what audiences are truly seeking in online communitie
  • Strategies for keeping followers engaged and returning for more
  • Guidance on how to bring authentic and inspiring content to your audiences
  • Tips for navigating the ever-evolving array of platforms and channels
  • Insight into maintaining well-being 

Tune in for an episode that’s not just about the mechanics of social media, but the heart and soul of digital community building.

About the Podcast

Jaime Hunt


Jaime Hunt

Transformation has been a hallmark of Jaime's career. In nearly 20 years working in higher education, she been part of four university rebrandings and five website overhauls. She's been hands-on in the development of an integrated marketing communications model at three institutions. As a result, she has gained extensive expertise in brand strategy, recruitment marketing, internal communications, crisis communications, issues management, online innovation, and media relations. She also has in her portfolio government relations and, for two years, she oversaw a public radio station. She is currently the vice president for university communications and chief marketing officer for Old Dominion University, a 23,000-student public R1 research institution in Coastal Virginia. Prior to her current role, she was the vice president and chief communications and marketing officer for Miami University (the one in not-as-sunny Oxford, Ohio). She also served in marketing and media relations leadership roles at Winston-Salem State University (North Carolina), Radford University (Virginia), the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, and Northwestern Health Sciences University (Minnesota). Her background also includes more than four years as a print journalist and three years working for nonprofits and in nonprofit consulting. She earned my bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Minnesota and her master's degree in integrated marketing communications from West Virginia University.

Jenny Li Fowler


Jenny Li Fowler

Jenny Li Fowler is the director of social media strategy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and author of “Organic Social Media”. She is in charge of developing and executing Institute-wide social media initiatives and campaigns and provides social media consultation and direction for more than 200 departments, labs, and centers. She also manages MIT’s flagship Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts. Prior to MIT, she served as Social Media Manager and Web Editor for the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Jenny is a recurring correspondent for Hubspot's INBOUND and a recognized voice across the social media marketing space.

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