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About the Episode: In this edition of "Confessions of a Higher Ed CMO," Jaime talks with Devin Purgason, the Executive Director of Marketing and Student Care at Forsyth Technical Community College. The conversation is centered around the unique opportunities that smaller educational institutions present as incubators of marketing creativity, offering a breadth of freedom to explore and innovate in marketing strategies. 

Takeaways from this episode include:

  • Tips for building a case to expand the oversight of a marketing department to include areas not traditionally within the marketing fold

  • Ideas for exploring the unique integration of student care and marketing

  • Ways to use AI tools to augment student services and address some of the inherent challenges facing non-traditional students

  • Insights into marketing to adult learners in ways that address their unique needs

  • Guidance on how marketing can impact retention and graduation rates

  • Tips for tracking and analyzing your marketing efforts

Guest Name/Title: Devin Purgason, Executive Director of Marketing and Student Care at Forsyth Technical Community College

Guest LinkedIn URL:

About the Show:  Confessions of a Higher Ed CMO is like a conference in a podcast, offering a blend of professional wisdom, innovative ideas, and personal anecdotes. Whether you're a higher ed marketer, a faculty member curious about the behind-the-scenes of university branding, or just someone with an interest in the intersection of education and marketing, the podcast is your gateway to the lesser-known narratives of higher education.

In each episode, host Jaime Hunt engages in candid and insightful conversations with leading minds in the field, exploring not just the nuts and bolts of marketing but also the diverse and often unexpected challenges and stories that define higher education marketing.

Our guests, a mix of seasoned CMOs, innovative thinkers, and key influencers in the higher ed sector, don't just share their professional triumphs; they open up about their personal journeys and share their candid insights. The podcast goes beyond the conventional, bringing to light the real stories behind campus campaigns, the evolving nature of student engagement, and the creative challenges in this unique field.

With a host renowned for establishing a warm and engaging rapport, each episode feels less like an interview and more like a conversation between old friends. The discussions are not only thoughtful and informative but sprinkled with moments of humor and fun, capturing the essence of what it's like to navigate the complex world of higher education marketing. Confessions of a Higher Ed CMO is hosted by Jaime Hunt and is a proud member of the Enrollify Podcast Network.


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Jaime Hunt


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About the Podcast

Jaime Hunt


Jaime Hunt

Transformation has been a hallmark of Jaime's career. In nearly 20 years working in higher education, she been part of four university rebrandings and five website overhauls. She's been hands-on in the development of an integrated marketing communications model at three institutions. As a result, she has gained extensive expertise in brand strategy, recruitment marketing, internal communications, crisis communications, issues management, online innovation, and media relations. She also has in her portfolio government relations and, for two years, she oversaw a public radio station. She is currently the vice president for university communications and chief marketing officer for Old Dominion University, a 23,000-student public R1 research institution in Coastal Virginia. Prior to her current role, she was the vice president and chief communications and marketing officer for Miami University (the one in not-as-sunny Oxford, Ohio). She also served in marketing and media relations leadership roles at Winston-Salem State University (North Carolina), Radford University (Virginia), the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, and Northwestern Health Sciences University (Minnesota). Her background also includes more than four years as a print journalist and three years working for nonprofits and in nonprofit consulting. She earned my bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Minnesota and her master's degree in integrated marketing communications from West Virginia University.

Devin Purgason


Devin Purgason

⁠⁠⁠⁠Devin Purgason, is the Executive Director of Marketing & Student Care at Forsyth Technical Community College. He is passionate about students, equity, learning, and a nice cup of coffee.

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