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About the Episode

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About the Episode: In our first episode, Dr. Courtney Skiles shares her journey from Trinity Valley Community College student to admissions recruiter to Director of Admissions. We dive into how she was able to implement Element451, and ultimately, elevate the college's recruitment and engagement strategies. This episode sheds light on the significant challenges faced by community colleges and how technology, particularly CRM tools like Element451, can offer solutions that drive enrollment, enhance student experiences, and streamline administrative processes. Courtney's story is not just about personal achievement; it's about the broader implications of embracing technology in creating more accessible and empowering educational pathways.

Key Takeaways:

  • Implementing Element451 at TVCC: Courtney discusses the decision to adopt Element451, highlighting its adaptability and the significant impact it had on increasing enrollment by 8%.

  • Challenges and Solutions in Student Engagement: The conversation covers the unique challenges of engaging students in a rural community college setting and how Element451 provided innovative solutions.

  • The Power of Technology in Education: Insight into how CRM tools can transform the student journey from prospect to alumni, emphasizing personalized communication and support.

  • Leadership and Vision: Courtney's role in leading the adoption and integration of Element451, showcasing her visionary approach to leveraging technology for institutional advancement.

  • Future Directions for TVCC: Discussion on the ongoing and future initiatives at TVCC involving Element451, aiming for continuous improvement in student engagement and success.

Connect With Our Co-Hosts:

Daniella Nordin

Brendan Henkel

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About the Podcast

Daniella Nordin


Daniella Nordin

Daniella Nordin is a marketing and communications leader with over 15 years of experience specializing in higher education marketing and engagement. In her role as Director of Customer Success and Engagement at Element451, she leads a team dedicated to ensuring exceptional customer experiences. With a focus on collaboration and communication, Daniella builds bridges between customers and internal teams, ensuring alignment and driving outcomes that exceed expectations. Her leadership has been instrumental in implementing marketing strategies that drive growth and increase visibility and influence. Daniella holds a Bachelor's degree in Communications from The Ohio State University and a Master’s, also in Communications, from the University at Albany, SUNY. She is committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends and best practices in higher education marketing and engagement. She thrives on the opportunity to make a meaningful impact and is driven by her passion for helping colleges and universities achieve their goals.

Brendan Henkel


Brendan Henkel

Brendan Henkel is a dynamic force in the tech and education sectors, leading as the Manager of Solutions Engineering at Element451 with a unique flair for merging technology with learning. Not only is he a seasoned expert with 13 years in higher education, but Brendan is also the undisputed Disney nerd in his circles, bringing joy and insights with a touch of magic. In his illustrious career, particularly his 10 years on the institution side, Brendan has mastered the nuances of enrollment management and financial aid, shaping futures with his strategic acumen. His philosophy is simple yet profound: create welcoming spaces and prioritize understanding others. This approach has been the bedrock of his ability to foster lasting, fruitful partnerships. Brendan's superpower lies in his dedication to building personal connections, believing them to be the key to success in any endeavor. Adding another layer to his multifaceted persona is his enthusiasm for AI, positioning him as both an enthusiast and an evangelist in this rapidly evolving field. With a master's degree in New Media Journalism, Brendan seamlessly blends his educational background with his passion for tech, Disney, and AI, offering a captivating narrative that's both informative and entertaining.

Courtney Skiles


Courtney Skiles

Courtney Skiles is the Director of Recruiting and Admissions at Trinity Valley Community College in Athens, TX. She found her passion for higher ed as a student at TVCC in 2016 and has relentlessly pursued her higher ed career and education ever since. She is a proud gen-z leader that specializes in student engagement, creative problem solving, and organizational change. She recently earned her Doctor of Education in higher education leadership from Maryville University and aims to utilize her career to continuously promote higher education to underserved populations.

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