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About the Episode

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In the first of a special two-part series on the power of mindset and working on our mental skills, Jeremy chats with performance mindset coach Lindsey Wilson. They spend most of the conversation talking about mindset, working on our thoughts, and how to shift and manage them with the help of things like visualization, meditation, and journaling. Lindsey also shares her opinions on mental toughness and dealing with fear of failure. In part two (Episode 15), Jeremy and his second guest will focus on self-confidence, the power of self-talk, and the important role that habits play in our personal and professional growth. 

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About the Podcast

Jeremy Tiers


Jeremy Tiers

An expert in communication, relationship development, and leadership, Jeremy Tiers has quickly become a recognizable name and speaker in college admission and enrollment management circles. He is the Senior Director of Admissions Services for Tudor Collegiate Strategies and leads their efforts in partnering with colleges and universities across the country. Colleges and Universities rely on Tudor Collegiate Strategies (TCS) to train their admissions staff, help them personalize enrollment communications, and to increase engagement from prospective students and their parents during all stages of the college search process.

Lindsey Wilson


Lindsey Wilson

Lindsey Wilson is a well-known performance mindset coach, a former professional athlete (Drafted into the WNBA and played 8 years of basketball overseas), and the founder of Positive Performance Training and The Mindset Coach Academy. She provides mindset coaching tools and training that teaches athletes, teams, and organizations how to unlock their full potential. Lindsey is also a writer and speaker whose work has been featured in ESPN, HuffPost, and the New York Times. A proud Iowa State alum and mom to four girls, Lindsey hosts her own podcast called ‘The Mindset Coach Academy Podcast’.

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