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About the Episode

The what's what...

In this episode, Jeremy sits down with Heather Strecker to chat about the state of campus visits, and how to develop your student tour guides and workers who play such a critical role. Key takeaways from this episode include: 

2:28 - Growing your number of tour guides and student workers

4:32 - Training frequency and important topics to train on

16:26 - Your #1 retention strategy - the door is open 

31:52 - The biggest change in the campus visit experience over the past few years

About the Podcast

Jeremy Tiers


Jeremy Tiers

An expert in communication, relationship development, and leadership, Jeremy Tiers has quickly become a recognizable name and speaker in college admission and enrollment management circles. He is the Senior Director of Admissions Services for Tudor Collegiate Strategies and leads their efforts in partnering with colleges and universities across the country. Colleges and Universities rely on Tudor Collegiate Strategies (TCS) to train their admissions staff, help them personalize enrollment communications, and to increase engagement from prospective students and their parents during all stages of the college search process.

Heather Strecker


Heather Strecker

Heather Strecker started her career in secondary education teaching and coaching before taking the leap into Higher Education about 10 years ago. Throughout that time she has held a multitude of roles in the admission office, starting as an admission counselor, and working in operations, campus visits/events, and graduate education before taking on her current role as the Senior Director of Admission.

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