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Colleges and universities are finding out, the hard way, why they can no longer “post and pray,” that is post job openings and pray that qualified candidates will fill the applicant tracking systems. On this episode, we went straight to a major source to find out what kind of traction higher education job postings are getting. Kevin Varner of HigherEdJobs joined “I Wanna Work There!” to discuss the increase that the website has seen in postings from campuses across the country, how site traffic has changed, and what institutions should do to attract the candidates that they want.


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About the Podcast

Eddie Francis


Eddie Francis

Eddie Francis, a brand strategy consultant, award-winning broadcaster, podcaster, and speaker, is driven by the deep belief in the importance of being valued. As the founder of Edify Ventures, a consultancy focusing on personal and employer branding, Eddie hosts "I Wanna Work There!" on employer branding in higher education and "For Our Edification" on personal leadership. With a background in radio, including hosting the "HBCU Lifestyle Podcast," Eddie's contributions extend to various platforms, earning him recognition as one of New Orleans Magazine's "30 People to Watch." In higher education, he played pivotal roles in brand identity, communications, and enrollment growth. As a speaker, Eddie shares leadership insights with college students and has contributed to the book "Leadership to Letters." Eddie holds a Master of Professional Studies in strategic leadership and a Bachelor of Arts in mass communication. Proudly affiliated with Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., he is the husband of Dr. Halima Leak Francis and the father of Stevie.

Kevin Varner


Kevin Varner

Kevin Varner is senior account manager of recruitment at HigherEdJobs, the leading source for jobs and career information in academia. Kevin joined HigherEdJobs in 2001; and over the past 20 years, has been instrumental in managing and growing the company's more than 1,300 colleges and universities with whom HigherEdJobs has partnered for their talent needs. Kevin and his team provide institutions with the hiring solutions needed to succeed in today's competitive recruitment environment. They've been so successful that over the past 10 years, 97% of schools continued their partnership with HigherEdJobs. Kevin has prior staffing agency experience and holds a bachelor's degree in industrial/organizational psychology from Penn State University.

I Wanna Work There

A great employee experience equals a great student experience. In a time where employee recruitment and retention is more challenging than ever, I Wanna Work There! takes a look at how colleges and universities can develop competitive, compelling employer brands. Join us for an honest and solutions-based look at the issues that surround institutions positioning themselves as employers of choice.

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