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Ali Abel, senior manager of marketing and communications at the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Law, saw a critical gap that needed to be filled: the online forum prospective law students had been using was moving to Reddit. She created an account for the law school and started answering questions and (softly) promoting events. With ramping up activity to 15 posts and 69 comments, 15% of the law school’s 130 incoming students in 2022 reported finding the school through Reddit.


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About the Podcast

Day Kibilds


Day Kibilds

Day is strategy director at Ologie, an employee-owned marketing and branding agency built for education. Prior to Ologie, Day led enrollment and digital innovation work at Penn State, Cornell and Western (Canada). She regularly speaks about enrollment marketing, email strategy, productivity and stakeholder management at conferences worldwide. Day is the host of Enrollify's Talking Tactics podcast, and is co-authoring a book about email to be released in spring 2024. As a lifelong immigrant who has lived in six different countries, equity and diversity are really important to her. She sees content as a tool for equity, and part of her motivation to work in higher ed is to help students access the educational institutions they deserve to be a part of.

Ali Abel


Ali Abel

Ali Abel is the senior manager of marketing and communications for the Faculty of Law at the University of Calgary, a role she’s held for the past ten years. Along with a part-time email coordinator, she’s responsible for web, social media, media relations, writing, video creation, event planning, e-marketing, you name it. She’s a certified professional communicator from the International Association of Business Communicators and earned a masters of public relations from Mount Saint Vincent University in 2021, AND she’s a small business owner! When she has some downtime, you’ll find her running on the trails, stand-up paddleboarding, boxing, enjoying a beer on a sunny patio, or snuggling with her cat while watching sports, preferably Blue Jays baseball.

Talking Tactics

Talking Tactics devotes episodes to a single tactic that moved the needle on any enrollment metric: inquiries, booth visitors, apps completed, deposits, reach, engagement, registrations, views, you name it. The catch? The tactic had to be done with limited resources: either by a single person, a small-but-mighty team, limited time, or without a lot of money. And because this podcast focuses on single tactics from idea to results, what you hear will feel like something you can immediately go try yourself. 

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