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About the Episode: If the atomic unit of content is usually a story, what happens when we redefine it to be a snippet or a single quote? That’s what Mackenzie pondered, then implemented at UW-Eau Claire in preparation to launch their new website. In the process, she realized she had ready access to a treasure trove of content she could use to make quick videos, quotes, or add to emails. The results? Her team can produce meaningful content within hours instead of weeks, and the university is engaging with audiences it hadn’t quite reached before.

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About the Podcast

Day Kibilds


Day Kibilds

Day is strategy director at Ologie, an employee-owned marketing and branding agency built for education. Prior to Ologie, Day led enrollment and digital innovation work at Penn State, Cornell and Western (Canada). She regularly speaks about enrollment marketing, email strategy, productivity and stakeholder management at conferences worldwide. Day is the host of Enrollify's Talking Tactics podcast, and is co-authoring a book about email to be released in spring 2024. As a lifelong immigrant who has lived in six different countries, equity and diversity are really important to her. She sees content as a tool for equity, and part of her motivation to work in higher ed is to help students access the educational institutions they deserve to be a part of.

Mackenzie Huber


Mackenzie Huber

Mackenzie Huber is the Content Strategist for the office of Integrated Marketing and Communications at UW-Eau Claire in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Before joining the team at UWEC, she was the Associate Director of Digital Communications at Lawrence University. She is happiest during a brainstorming session with teammates, making lists on colorful sticky notes, or when she has an excuse to mind map a new idea. Currently engaged in her second full website rebuild, Huber is tired. When she's not working, Huber enjoys playing sand volleyball, eating soup, and hoarding books she'll never have time to read.

Talking Tactics

Talking Tactics devotes episodes to a single tactic that moved the needle on any enrollment metric: inquiries, booth visitors, apps completed, deposits, reach, engagement, registrations, views, you name it. The catch? The tactic had to be done with limited resources: either by a single person, a small-but-mighty team, limited time, or without a lot of money. And because this podcast focuses on single tactics from idea to results, what you hear will feel like something you can immediately go try yourself. 

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