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About the Episode

The what's what...

If you ask 10 Higher Education Admissions and Marketing Team members if their CRM was well implemented including all the experiences that go along with that, chances are you’ll get 10 different assessments and opinions of the experience - even if they all work at the same institution. 

Dan Shanley - a colleague of Mickey’s at Kennedy & Co has lived that experience over and over as a tech implementation manager – but he has similar lived experience on the institution side.  And he has done this more than once at more than one institution.  Jamie and Mickey use this episode to learn from his experience in order to better understand “what is needed to best implement your CRM.” 

The guest, Dan, gives AMAZING insight about asking the end-user and the institution doing its homework before the implementation even begins. And, plot spoiler, Dan thinks that many schools need to do more digging and ask more questions before they are “on-the-clock” with the CRM vendor.  

If your institution or team is implementing a CRM or thinking about getting a new or next CRM, this episode is for you!  


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About the Podcast

Mickey Baines


Mickey Baines

Mickey Baines leads the technology services practice at Kennedy & Company. Kennedy & Co assists colleges and universities in the selection, implementation, customization and integration of various CRM technologies, including Salesforce, TargetX, Slate and others. They lead projects of all sizes for public and private two and four-year institutions. Whether he's working hands-on in an enrollment strategy project, leading a CRM implementation or speaking at a conference, the goal is the same - to help higher ed professionals implement technologies, strategies & tactics that engage and enroll more students.

Jamie Gleason


Jamie Gleason

Jamie Gleason is the Vice President Of Enrollment Strategy at Direct Development. He brings over 15 years of higher education experience to the team; almost a decade of which was spent on campus(es) and nearly six years was in edtech. A self-proclaimed "farmer + fixer," Enrollment has always provided the perfect challenge for him! He's happiest when mining through spreadsheets, results, and (generally) any type of data!

Dan Shanley II


Dan Shanley II

Admission professional and higher ed data nerd. Experienced in communication & search strategy, CRM implementation, operations, change management, process analysis/optimization. M.B.A., B.A. English. ESTJ-A

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